Cotton production in India is broadly divided into three zones i.e. North, Central and South, and cotton grown in these regions is suitable for spinning right from 6s to 120s counts of yarn.

We at PDST are proud to proclaim that we have a strong foothold in exports of cotton varieties produced in all of these regions. Our inventory includes, but is not limited to the following varieties

J-34, Deshi, Shankar - 06, V797, Mech, Mech - 1, MCU - 5, DCH - 32, H-4, LRA, NHH, Bunny, Jaydhar, and organic cotton certified by Eco cert and Con Union



100 % Cotton comber waste packaged at our state of the art facilities where the combers is passed through a step condenser and then through the UV light to remove any impurities to meet the highest quality standards required to even produce currency paper.


We can now offer 100% cotton yarns for knitting and weaving ranging from 30s to 60s count from our own spinning plant at Tamil Nadu. In a short span of one year PDST brand is a preferred brand of yarn for local manufacturers. Now we are set to export our yarn to leading buyers in the world.