We fund, develop technologies, and work hand-in-hand with farmers in Maharashtra and Gujarat to produce high quality, high yield crops. With contract farming we are able to guarantee the highest quality of product, ensure that our customers are paying competitive prices, and enable farmers in rural areas to sell their stock at a premium. We also provide our partner farms with valuable information, intellectual support, and advance technology to optimise and expand their growing capabilities.


PDST has had a long-standing partnership with ginners over our rich history, and today we have well established relationships with ginners across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana & Andhra Pradesh. We have also started development of our own ginning mills equipped with the latest machinery for purification, ginning and spinning of raw materials. With a combination of our own facilities and our partner ginners, we are able to supply the finest Indian cotton bales to customers across the globe.


We derive strength from our experience in the cotton trading business, growing on the shoulders of our long standing relationships with ginners and customers. Our established track record of operations with diversified clientele in both domestic and International markets enables us to expand our horizons. We import and export cotton varieties in several countries across Asia from the middle-east, across the sub-continent and to the south-eastern markets. Our foray into European markets continues to expand as we establish a strong foothold in global cotton trade.


Along with the trade of raw cotton, PDST also exports finished yarns as per customer requirements. We have partnered with spinning mills that can cater to custom orders with a count range from 15'S to 120'S in a range of cotton variants. Spun yarn is a key product focus in our promise of end-to-end services in the cotton trade markets and remains the next big step in the growth of PDST. 


As leaders in the industry, it is our prerogative to extensively test our product before it is supplied to global markets. As such, we provide HVI testing services for all agricultural products, in addition to running vigilant tests on all cotton products at our procurement centres across India. Our testing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art HVI testing machines and trained testers, which enables us to deliver accurate and incisive reports to our customers.


It has been a long-standing practice at PDST to collect product, consumer, customer and market data throughout the year to analyse behaviours and trends. Armed with this valuable data, we are able to advise customers on best buying times, supply customers with the finest of products, and enter emerging markets at vital stages. With data collected over 60 years, we have comprehensive data and cotton market intelligence that we share with our valued customers and partners.


We have developed a wide network of warehouses and logistics facilities across India. While procurement of cotton remains our primary business, we also provide safe and reliable warehousing services for all agricultural products. Our logistics centres are capable of moving large quantities of goods with highly efficient and accurate turn-around, giving our customers the guarantee of on-schedule delivery.


Having dealt with large volume customers across timezones in a fluctuating market, we understand the financial obstacles that customers can face. To expedite and improve the trade process, we are able to provide financing options for our customers. Our services help customers overcome the uncertainty and reduce the risk in volatile trade markets. 



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